NEURON Note #30

Goals: D-type Voltage-gated Potassium Current


The goal of this short project is to create a KD model, which can reproduce the data presented in Mathews et al's article ( The liquid potential is not corrected. The activation GV curve is shifted to depolarization direction to simulate the condition in whole cell recording.


Target Parameters for KD

mV1/2 = -28
mK = 7.4

hV1/2 = -57.1
hK = 6.2


g = gbar * m4 * h

Mod file: kd_pyc.mod

Activation and Inactivation Conductance Curves

Voltage and Current Traces
Activation Inactivation
Voltage and Current Traces Inactivation

GV Curves

Time Constants

DeactivationTime Constant
Deactivation Time Constant