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  1. Build one single compartment model - index.html
  2. Add a run control panel and a voltage graph - index.html
  3. Set passive properties and measure time constant - index.html
  4. Set passive properties and measure input resistance - index.html
  5. Put #3 and #4 together - index.html
  6. Measure temporal summation - index.html
  7. Create Ih model - index.html
  8. Insert Ih - index.html
  9. Run step family: measure Rin and rebound slope by linear regression - index.html
  10. Chirp experiment - index.html
  11. Examine the influences of the parameters and the order on activation and deactivation - index.html
  12. A program to examine the influences of each parameters on GV curve, tau, and rates in the kinetic scheme ( C <-> O ) - index.html
  13. Develop an integrated environment to test one Ih model (Sonia's Ih model). - index.html
  14. Compare Sonia's Ih and Payne's Ih - index.html
  15. Find the best fit for the kinetic scheme (C <-> O)2 - index.html
  16. Simulate with the kinetic scheme (C <-> O)2 - index.html
  17. Simulate with Altomare's HCN1 model (JGP, 2001) - index.html
  18. Modify the parameters in Altomare's model to fit Jeff Magee's data - index.html
  19. Compare several Ih models - index.html
  20. Influence of Q10, the size of injected current, and gbar_h on impedance magnitude, voltage lag, and time constants - index.html
  21. Fourier transform of chirp current and voltage - index.html
  22. Compare models without and with Ih - index.html
  23. Compare Altomare's HCN1 and HCN2 model - index.html
  24. Influence of gating variables' power in Hodgkin-Huxley model - index.html
  25. Delayed rectifier potassium current (KDR)- index.html
  26. Fast and transient potassium current (KA) - index.html
  27. Transient voltage-gated sodium current (INaT) -index.html
  28. Some notes about curve fitting - index.html
  29. Transient voltage-gated sodium current (INaT) based on new data - index.html
  30. DTX-k sensitive potassium current (KD) - index.html