NEURON Simulation @


Built-in Object TypeNotes
g1=new Graph() Creates a new Graph object.
g1.size(xStart, xEnd, yStart, yEnd) Sets x and y axes.
g1.beginline("Legend", color, thickness) Color 2 is red.
{g1.line(x1,y1) g1.line(x2,y2)} Draws a line from (x1,y1) to (x2,y2).
g1.flush() Shows the line.
vec1=new Vector() Creates a new Vector object.
vec1.append(1,2,3) Appends 1, 2, and 3 to vec1.
vec1.printf() Prints the elements and the number of elements.
vec1.size() Returns the number of elements.
vec1.sum() Returns the sum.
vec1.mean() Returns the mean.
vec1.add(2) 2 is added to each element.
vec1.mul(2) Each element is multiplied by 2.
vec1.div(2) Each element is divided by 2.
vec1.sub(2) 2 is subtraced from each element.
vec1.x[0] Represents the first element.
vec2.copy(vec1) Copys vec1 into vec2.
vec1.add(vec2) Addition. Element by element.
vec1.line(g1,1) Plots elements as black lines in g1.
vec1.line(g1,vec2) Plots vec1 against vec2 in g1.
vec1.line(g1, dt, 2, 2)  
vec1.mark(g1,1) Plots elements as crosses in g1.
vec1.vwrite(file1) Writes vec1 to file1 in binary format.
vec1.vread(file1) Reads data in file1 to vec1 in binary format.
vec1.fill(7) Sets all elements to 7.
vec1.eq(vec2) Examines whether vec1 and vec2 have the same values.
vec1.record(&soma.v(0.5)) Records the voltage in the soma.
vec1.min() Minimum
vec1.max() Maximum
vec1.min_ind() Index of the minimum
vec1.max_ind() Index of the maximum
vec1.deriv(vec2,dt) Saves derivative of vec2 to vec1.
file1=new File() Creates a new File object.
file1.wopen("Test.dat") Opens Test.dat for writing data.
file1.ropen("Test.dat") Opens Test.dat for reading data.
file1.aopen("Test.dat") Opens for appending data.
file1.close() Closes the file.
list1=new List() Creates a new List object.
list1.append(vec1) Appends vec1 to list1.
list1.count() Returns the count of elements.
list1.object(0) Indicates the first object.
list1.remove(0) Removes the first object.
IClampCurrent Clamp
soma stim1=new IClamp(0.5) Inserts an electrode to the middle of the soma.
stim1.amp Amplitude
stim1.dur Duration
SEClampSingle Electrode Voltage Clamp
rsSeries resistance
dur1, amp1Duration 1 (ms), amplitude 1 (mV)
dur2, amp2Duration 2 (ms), amplitude 2 (mV)
dur3, amp3 Duration 3 (ms), amplitude 3 (mV)
AlphaSynapse Alpha Synapse