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I have developed several programs for research. The following are some of them.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me at paynechang@gmail.com .

Name Descriptions Interfaces/Devices Links Downloads
Ephic Ephic (Electrophysiology and Imaging with C++) controls a Dagan BVC-700 amplifier, a shutter, and a stimulator through HEKA ITC-18.
Ephic controls a RedShirtImaging CCD-SMQ camera through an EDT PCI DV C-Link board.
Ephic is good for whole cell current clamp experiments, field potential recording, voltage-sensitive dye imaging, and calcium-sensitive dye imaging.
Ephic has powerful tools to analyze both electrophysiological and imaging data.
Dagan: BVC-700
RedShirtImaging: CCD-SMQ
PhotoZ PhotoZ controls a photodiode array (464 detectors), a shutter, a stimulator, and an amplifier.
PhotoZ analyzes signals from voltage-sensitive dye imaging and filed potential recording.
Microstar Laboratories
- DAP 3200e/214
- DAP 5400a
Manual (PDF file)
OFTAnalyzer OFT Analyzer analyzes video clips of rodent open field tests (OFT).   Webpage
FSTAnalyzer OFT Analyzer analyzes video clips of rodent forced swim tests (FST).   Webpage PC
EPMAnalyzer EPM Analyzer analyzes video clips of rodent elevated plus maze tests (EPM).   Webpage PC
AmpZ AmpZ analyzes amperometry data collected by Axon pClamp program.   Webpage PC
WGO WGO (Waveform Generator and Oscilloscope) was developed to test ITC-18.
WGO controls ITC-18 and performs the functions of a waveform generator and an oscilloscope.
HEKA: ITC-18 Webpage PC
EasyAmpControl EasyAmpControl is a simple program developed to control Dagan BVC-700 through HEKA ITC-18. HEKA: ITC-18
Dagan: BVC-700
Webpage Mac